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Gen Z is changing the world. From coast to coast, young people across the United States are mobilizing for change, speaking out against injustices, and using their platforms to educate and make an impact. Their missions are a manifestation of resilience and a source of inspiration for many. Each year, Seventeen recognizes the teens and young adults who are working today to save tomorrow and who are dedicating their lives to making a difference. These young changemakers are bravely fighting injustices and tackling the issues that matter most to their generation.

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Our 2022 honorees use their voices to shine a light on the biggest issues facing our country. They advocate for safe, legal abortion access and reproductive rights, impassioned more than ever following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. They fight for racial and climate justice through art and advocacy, and educate millions on lesser-known historical moments and cultural movements through social media. They push back against efforts to censor vital books and resources in schools, and fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community nationwide.

No matter the facet of activism, these nine 2022 Voices of the Year recipients are standing up to make this world a better place for us all.

2022 seventeen voices of the year
jojo siwa 2022 seventeen voices of the year
kahlil greene 2022 seventeen voices of the year
paige bueckers 2022 seventeen voices of the year
marsai martin 2022 voices of the year
olivia julianna 2022 seventeen voices of the year
cameron samuels 2022 seventeen voices of the year
aniya butler 2022 seventeen voices of the year
deja foxx 2022 seventeen voices of the year
zander moricz 2022 seventeen voices of the year

Photo Credit: Courtesy of JoJo Siwa (Siwa); Barbara Banks (Moricz); Laurie Valentina Gomez Acosta, TanTan Wang (Greene); Sam Schmir (Julianna); Mario Capitelli (Butler); Tyren Redd (Martin); Courtesy of Cameron Samuels (Samuels); Emily Lord (Foxx); Courtesy of Bose, Courtesy of StockX (Bueckers)

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