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If you’re new, welcome! Seventeen is the leading Gen Z media brand — offering a mix of the best beauty advice, fashion trends, wellness insight, entertainment news, and yes, TikTok trends — for the most influential generation of teens and young adults.

Consider us your favorite fangirl (yes, we loved Euphoria, too) and best friend (there's nothing off-limits here). On Seventeen, you can find whatever you need to navigate life as a teen and young adult. Since we launched in 1944, we've been here to celebrate every major milestone with you including prom, graduation, and all the big and small moments in between.

We’re also your support team — and biggest cheerleaders — providing you with the tools and inspiration to achieve your dreams and change the world. We love shining a light on those of you who are making major moves in your communities, high school halls, and on your college campuses.

Day to day, we want to make sure you’re prepared for everything life throws your way, with accurate expert input and well-vetted advice for everything, from nailing the right skincare routine to re-creating your favorite celeb hairstyles and pulling off the most talked about TikTok fashion trends. We’ll also help you find the perfect captions for your Instagram selfies, navigate crushes, deal with stress, and even pick a major. And ofc, we’ll always keep you in the know on what to add to your Netflix watch list and what your fave celeb couples are up to.

Why Trust Us

There’s a ton of info floating around the internet and social media, and tbh scrolling can be overwhelming. We want to be sure that what you’re reading is not only fun but accurate and informative. So we make it our priority to tap the best experts in the industry, fact-check, road test, and research every story and product we’re recommending so that you feel comfortable trying it all, and more importantly, that you love it.

Affiliate Disclosure

One of our fave things to do is help you find your new 🔥 outfit, the latest viral beauty product, or a dupe of a celebrity swimsuit. Just know that while our suggestions always come from an honest place, we do participate in various affiliate marketing programs. This means that sometimes when you click to buy a product through our site, we may get paid a commission for that item. But trust us, bb, everything we feature is driven by high editorial and ethical standards and not by an advertiser or affiliate relationship.


This is a safe space. We take your privacy seriously. We won’t ever take advantage of your information or hit you up without your consent.

Get to know the team who make this all happen below!

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Yoora Kim

The Editorial Team

Editor in Chief: Kristin Koch

kristin koch headshot
Courtesy of Kristin Koch

Kristin is the Editor in Chief of Seventeen, overseeing the content and editorial operations for all of Seventeen's digital and print efforts. Before coming to Seventeen, Koch held editor positions at Glamour, Vanity Fair, and The Knot. In 2016, she founded the lifestyle blog, Closetful of Clothes, where she covers everything from style and interiors to travel. A Chicago native, Koch graduated from Colgate University with a degree in History. She loves pizza, rom-coms, and HGTV. Stay in touch with Kristin on TikTok and Instagram @kristinmkennedy.

Deputy Editor: Nykia Spradley

nykia spradley headshot
Courtesy of Nykia Spradley

Nykia is Deputy Editor at Seventeen. where she helps conceptualize and edit all of the content across the site, and run editorial operations day to day. Nykia has held positions as the interim beauty director at Elle.com, commerce editor for Allure, and beauty editor at Essence. Nykia’s writing has also appeared in ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Coveteur, TZR, and more. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. Nykia currently lives in Brooklyn, NY where she was born and raised. She is a red lipstick and hot sauce enthusiast (respectively) and an eternal lover of ’90s and ‘00s R&B. Keep in touch on TikTok and Instagram @nyksprads.

Senior Editor: Stacey Grant

stacey grant headshot
Courtesy of Stacey Grant

Stacey has worked at Seventeen since 2017, first as the Snapchat Editor and later as a Senior Editor covering all things entertainment. Before that, the Texas native worked at MTV News and BuzzFeed, writing about pop culture and interviewing celebrities. Moreover, she is the author of Hey Arnold! Guide To Relationships and the co-author of What to Watch When. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Texas with a Radio/TV/Film degree.

Social Media Editor: Joanna Marquina

joanna marquina headshot
Courtesy of Joanna Marquina

Joanna is the Social Media Editor at Seventeen who focuses on content distribution across Seventeen’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. When she isn’t making pop culture memes, or testing out viral TikTok trends, you can find Joanna thrift-shopping around Brooklyn. Follow her on Instagram.

Assistant Editor: Jasmine Washington
jasmine washington headshot
Courtesy of Jasmine Washington

Jasmine is an Assistant Editor at Seventeen, where she covers celebrity news, beauty, lifestyle, and more. For the past decade, she has worked for various media outlets — including BET, MadameNoire, VH1, and many others — where she used her voice to tell stories across verticals. Follow her on Instagram @jasmine_shaniece.

Assistant Editor: Leah Campano

leah campano headshot
Courtesy of Leah Campano

Leah (she/her) is an Assistant Editor at Seventeen, where she covers pop culture, health, and politics. She also runs Open Book: The Seventeen Book Club, highlighting and exploring new YA titles throughout the year. On the weekends, you can probably find her watching marathons of vintage Real Housewives episodes or perusing bookshelves across New York City for her next new read.

Assistant Fashion & eCommerce Editor: Hannah Oh

hannah oh headshot
Courtesy of Hannah Oh

Hannah is the Assistant Fashion & eCommerce Editor at Seventeen and covers all things style, shopping, culture, and entertainment. Hannah has spent thousands of hours browsing clothing websites, reviewing celebrity fashion, and analyzing TikTok style trends. Seventeen taught her how to get dressed when she was younger, and she now spends her working hours passing down that expertise. On the weekends, you can find her browsing vintage jewelry and drinking decaf lattes. Follow Hannah on social media at @hannahohx.

Editorial Assistant: Samantha Olson

sam olson headshot
Courtesy of Sam Olson

Sam is the Editorial Assistant at Seventeen where she covers pop culture, celebrity news, health, and beauty. She graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, a minor in Creative Writing, and a certificate in Editing and Publishing. Sam’s always on the hunt for the next best beauty find and has all the tea on your favorite celebrities, TV shows, movies, and music. When she isn't draping her cheeks in blush, you can probably find her on the red carpet at awards shows or feeding into tons of Taylor Swift theories on TikTok.

Freelance Editorial Assistant: Abby Dupes

abby dupes headshot
Courtesy of Abby Dupes

Abby is the current editorial assistant at Seventeen, where she covers beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. Before joining Seventeen, she was an editorial intern at Town & Country and Philadephia Style Magazine. When she's not busy testing the latest skin, hair, and makeup launches, you can find her hiking with her dog Loki, continuing her quest to find the best gnocchi dish in NYC, or watching true crime docuseries late into the night. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

Digital Designer: Yoora Kim

yoora kim headshot
Courtesy of Yoora Kim

Yoora is Seventeen's digital designer, overseeing all visuals for the website, social media platforms, and brand extensions. Before joining Seventeen, she did design worth for various beauty brands prior to their launch in CVS, Target, and other retailers. Yoora loves fashion, art, jazz, and Korean food. Follow Yoora on social media at @uooo.oo.

The Snapchat Team

Snapchat Editor, Stacey Grant
Motion Graphic Designer, Francisco Serrano
Motion Graphic Designer, Ying Chen

The Video Team

Executive Producer, Abbey Adkison
Senior Producer, Liesl Lar
Director of Photography, Janet Upadhye
Senior Editor, Heather Weyrick
Editor, Sarah Ng
Senior Talent Manager, Emily Hausman

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Yoora Kim

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